Garder toujours le fil de la Merveille

Three voices in Harmony for Peace

Together, the voices celebrate peace beyond religions, where, as Ibn Arabi says, “My heart has become capable of every form (…) my love is my religion and my faith.” Hebrew chant, Sufi chant, and Slavic Orthodox chant: the voices respond to each other, intertwine, separate, embrace, and unite, at times alone, together, in unison. The three spiritual traditions—three traditions of the Book—resonate here in their common Source, which is One.

« “Our most imperative duty is perhaps never to lose hold of the thread of Wonder. Thanks to it, I will emerge alive from the darkest labyrinth.” Christiane Singer » Christiane Singer

Artistic director: Anne Moradpour for  Les Deux Ailes – Chanter la Beauté du Monde