“I relate to people through the language of music and sound and the playfulness of direct experience. All in an instant!
I look for an immediate, simple mode of connection, in tune with life.



The voice: that is where everything begins, stems from, for Noga. It is the organ, the invisible chord, that connects all her lives, whether she is on stage in concert, giving improvisation lessons through Catalyse, the organisation she founded in Geneva, or taking part in contemporary art performances. 

This voice has been steeped in composite sounds since childhood: the Hebrew of her parents from Israel and Germany, the French learned at school (in a country, Switzerland, where four languages are spoken!), English … These different tones have enriched Noga’s repertoire, nourished over the years by piano and classical singing lessons, jazz training, drama classes in Boston and London, circle song workshops (with Bobby McFerrin) and improvisation (with Rhiannon’s All the Way In), her encounters, her travels … Noga pulsates with multiple but never dissonant voices. These voices flourish as much in solo as when in chorus, drawing, with subtle notes, often contrasted, but always appropriate, the portrait of a rich and plural personality, united by a foundation of values that maintain her upright and centred, as in the yoga she often refers to. Freedom of being and choice, the sound-link “barometer”, sharing, transmission, memory, the value of experience, the celebration of life, the sacred, friendship and love, of course, “the vase that holds everything”, are so many beacons that guide Noga in everything she undertakes. 

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