Singer, author, composer, Noga is also an improviser, entrepreneur, pedagogue, free-thinker, whimsical, traveler of the soul. Is it because her first name means “morning star” in Hebrew that she works to light the way? In any case, she seeks to reestablish the link between the past and the future, the visible and the invisible, in order to live the present with an open heart.

Her music – with its crossover qualities that explore joyful and revealing dialogues between shadow and clarity – is aimed at an audience that embraces the language of body-mind-soul connection.

Born in Switzerland and raised in several languages, Noga expresses her diversity in all its colors, performing in Europe and beyond, with more than 10 albums to her credit, including one released by Sony.

Passionate about the power of the voice, Noga has developed her own teaching method sonoga, with a focus on breath-body-voice. She is also at the origin of a few centers dedicated to “expession and breath”. The first one, Catalyse, has been founded in 2003 in Geneva.