Hold back your voices, they will blossom

Noga welcomes us with open arms in her bedroom, her protected space, and relates…
The singer-actress weaves an intimate relationship between her personal story and millennia-old poems, the psalms of David. She invites her trio into her narrative and
we find ourselves immersed into the heart of a polyphonic journey that blends theater and music, spoken word and song lyrics, each tune in Hebrew that allows for the emergence of memories linked to language and culture, memories that she evokes in French. In the course of Noga’s thoughts, we navigate in her “little” story, which somehow joins our own and collides the “big” story across time and countries, at
the crossroads of identities and dialects/languages/cultures.
Sounds, voices and instruments mingle for a sensory and emancipatory experience, shifting between Switzerland, Israel, Germany and Moldavia — in a music that lies at the heart of our own time and echoes with everlasting sounds.

French with songs in Hebreu (Noga is fluent in English and narrative is being adapted into English)
Original idea, artistic direction and text : Noga
Concept, editing, stagecraft and acting direction : Sephora Haymann
Stage design and lighting creation : Alex Kurth
Noga : voice, keyboard, small instruments
Patrick Bebey : keyboard, senza, pygmy flute, vocals
Arnaud Laprêt : percussions
Music : released on the album LEV (Evidence Music 2023), all tracks are composed by Noga, except for three traditional tracks revisited in their arrangements. The songs are excerpts from psalms of David/traditional songs that Noga selected and