1. Tefilot mi beit aba Noga & NProject 3:11
  2. Ometz (kol haolam koulo) Noga & NProject 4:31
  3. Adom olam Noga & NProject 5:00

Start from your own heritage. Mix it with different cultures. Add new sounds. Feel the strong spirit and get the emotional connection with NPorject! The intention is to illustrate, with music, the basic unity of human desires. The idea is to ask artists of all ages, from all backgrounds and beliefs, atheist or agnostic, students of all religions and traditions, to come together, giving not only themselves to the music but also their prayers and traditons, creating a sound that seeks the spititual essence.

Lyrics : traditionnal songs and prayers
Music : Noga, Ed Lyve, Quartier Lointain (Béatrice Graf, Cyril Moulas, Michel Wintsch)
Vocals : Noga – Ima – Aba – Asher – Zohar – David Granite – Drora Granite
Beats : Michel Wintsch – Bass : Cyril Moulas – Guitar : Jérôme Léonard – Cello : Tatiana Valleise-Djourova
Percussions : Bruno Duval – Drums : Béatrice Graf – Additional beats : Ed Lyve
Recorded at Catalyse, Geneva
Engineered, mixed and produced by Ed Lyve
A&R : Noga
Mastering : Chab@Translab, Paris
Swiss distrib : Willy Lugeon