“And it may be that we never speak so well as when we do not really know what we are going to say”. Joseph Joubert


Noga and Thierry play…
A dialogue between voice and percussion instruments – out of trust in both one another and the moment comes music which is entirely improvised, rooted in the present and yet still appears to come from the source…
A transverse concept, which includes the creation of sound sculptures and concerts-performances at which the audience is asked to take part in an initiatory, sensory and aesthetic adventure.

Can anyone play?
Can you make music with any kind of sound ?
And, at a time when things are as sophisticated as they are nowadays, can we still invent new sound sources?
What is original? Who is the inspiration and who is being inspired?

  1. KOUNOU CLAP 1:58
  2. LOTUS TRIBE 2:28