The Voices of the Soul

Hebrew Chant – Orthodox Slavic and Moroccan Sufi Samaa

The MUQARNAS ensemble is of variable geometry.
For each concert, a new creation brings together singers from diverse traditions, some of whom have never met, and through their voices, a cappella, they transcend their differences to connect with each other and to connect us to the Source. In a delicate balance, a breath of humanity arises, emotion builds, and we feel, we know, that harmony is possible… we hear it, we experience it, together, in this moment of true sharing, and it is simply, purely, profoundly beautiful.

MUQARNAS… their songs, like rays of light, transcend individual identities to lead us to sing our One identity.

Artistic director : Anne Moradpour for Les Deux Ailes – Chanter la Beauté du Monde.