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Specific outcomes relative to music, leadership, self-confidence, and teaching are listed in customized program description sheets.

Pleasure in singing, moving together. It is indeed together that we create an instinctive polyphony. The group’s vocal flow and energy feed each individual, linked in a positive experience of solidarity.

The workshops are liberating. They invite you to defeat the fear of judgement, to leave your comfort zone, to explore your own resources, to dare to make mistakes and discover your potentials. They allow you to evolve by occupying your true place.

The risk taken in improvisation allows you to come into contact with others and informs you on vulnerability. Giving into this vulnerability is a most efficient tool for emancipation.

Improvisation, a spontaneous act, also involves unconditional acceptance and choice: a powerful process! It means being entirely present and committed “I say yes and I choose to”. Remaining open and focused, concentrated in order to choose and take responsibility for your choices: an invaluable teaching in our modern environment overloaded with stimulations.

Dropping perfection helps you to accept what life offers and decide to make the most of it, while enjoying the modest progress “I savour what I do here and now”. It is a tool for self care while reaching for objectives without being obsessed about the result. It is a source of daily satisfactions, which supports one’s efforts in the long run.

Rapid response
The ability to consider improvisation is useful in all types of interactions and circumstances. It is an invaluable skill in today’s world characterized by constant movement, exponential changes and acceleration, where what is true one day may no longer be true the next. It also allows the concept of truth to be questioned and relativized.

In a global context, the ImprOviz workshops allow you to play with all parts of the puzzle pertaining to individuation: between vulnerability and power; between culture and instinct; between openness and choice … and contributing to health and balance. At the same time, sharing with participants from different backgrounds and different competences is an efficient vehicle for nurturing social links, creating bridges and managing differences.

Practical info

Themes & organisation
The  workshops offer a range of possibilities focussed on different themes, notably:
music making / self-esteem / leadership / teaching.

The program is customizable according requests.
A detailed program description sheet is provided for each workshop.

Each offer comes in different formats, ranging from a simple workshop lasting 1h30 to an in-depth training (up to 3 days).

Target public
Offers are customized according to demands of different groups, backgrounds and all ages.
It applies to both individuals and pre-existing groups: businesses / associations / schools / handicap and different need groups, etc.
The “making music” module includes several levels, ranging from beginners to advanced.
Case depending, there may be one or more coordinators/musicians to meet group needs.

Number of participants
Minimum: 8 (for the “making-music” module, to be specified according to the level).
Maximum: 50 (or even more, depending on the theme, possibly with two coordinators).

Comments :

 “To be able to explore, with my voice, to “let go” and “accept” who I am.”
“The happiness of rediscovering spontaneity!”
“Lots of pleasure and interest. Lots of new ideas, new avenues to use and explore.”
“Take the plunge. The pleasure gives wings … and flippers!”
“Joy, emotion, the desire to practice, stimulation … an incredible freedom.”
“A great experience that enhances and opens up the possibilities of your voice. As for the teaching aspect, lots of ideas that can be explored with students.”
“Cohesion of the teaching team is an objective targeted by us … We spent a relaxing afternoon that allowed several of us to momentarily release a large part of stress … I found it pertinent to pass through different activities and the end result with 6 voices was simply magnificent!”
“This encourages me to write music (I have rather eclectic composition projects) by trusting myself, by daring to borrow from many musical references and resources of the world’s sound heritage … I said to myself that doing simple things is not a sin against the pure intelligence expected of a composer. And then that allows me to see that intelligence and genius are not necessarily where you believe them to be …”
“This allows me to open a space (instinctive, spontaneous) of creation, which I experienced when I began music, but that I neglected during my music studies… to explore unexpected zones, capacities and colours of music … to find a new way of making music collectively, without writing … to reinforce my taste for singing, as a soloist and in a choir … to have new tools for music education … to offer different choral warming-up exercises, to gain confidence and become aware of the group more rapidly”
“This provides tools for getting choirs to sing without partitions, hence to work technical and musical points with the singers without the restriction of written music – like watching the conductor, for instance following him, but also how the voice is placed –phrasing and listening at the music stand and in the choir. “
“ The activity that Noga proposed was one of those quality events. They are, above all, about meetings with others, a mutual exchange where a handicapped person can “replay him/herself” … Yvette, 62 years … The singing session gave her new impetus, energised her, gave her new worth in her eyes. Back at the institution she would sing! This exceptional experience was marked, for each of us, by meeting others and the special nature of human relationships…”